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Resources for Families


Children often grieve differently from adults. When a loved one dies, it is often a child's first experience with death. CaringMatters Children's Bereavement Services help children explore their feelings, develop healthy coping  strategies, and find comfort and safety in learning that they are not alone. 


Our grief support services for children are facilitated by trained staff and volunteers in group environments where they can meet peers who have suffered similar losses. 



Talking to Children And Teens About Serious Illness

How to Tell Children and Teens Someone Has Died

Supporting a Grieving Child or Teen



For Grieving Teens, Themselves

​For Friends of the Grieving Child or Teen

Supporting Grieving Children and Teens Through the Holidays

These activities, offered in both English and Spanish, can help grieving families honor and begin a conversation about their loved ones, remembering their personality, gifts, and the special times shared together. 


Supporting Grieving Youth with Additional Needs


For Younger Children

For book recommendations for younger children and supporting pre-schoolers, please contact Gilly Cannon, Senior Director of Children’s Bereavement Services,, 301-990-8904


For More Support, Information and Referrals

CaringMatters' Children’s Bereavement Support Services, including Good Grief Clubs, Camp Erin, Family Nights, Parenting While Grieving Online Workshop Series, consultation and collaboration with families, schools and social service organizations. Contact Gilly Cannon, Senior Director of Children’s Bereavement Services, or 301-990-8904

For more information on resources and support for grieving children, contact
Gilly Cannon, Senior Director of Children's Bereavement Services, or 301-990-8904.

MCPS Waymaking - Grief and Loss

February 26, 2021

featuring Gilly Cannon, Director of Children's Bereavement Services

Gilly Bayes Cannon, our Director of Children's Bereavement Services, joined Dr. Christina Connolly, Montgomery County Public Schools' (MCPS) Director of Psychological Services, on the latest episode of the MCPS Waymaking series, to discuss how families can better understand feelings of loss and provide ways to support a grieving child.

AARP Maryland Lunch & Learn Facebook Series

August 13, 2020, Children and Grief

featuring Gilly Cannon, Director of Children's Bereavement Services

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tips for death far away
grievng clidren on holidays
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Video Series:

How to Support Your Grieving Child

Holidays & Celebrations
Parent to Parent Tips
Making A Memory Box
Listening to Your Child
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