Adult Grief Support

Peer support can help you cope

with the trauma of losing someone close to you.

Surviving the death of a loved one can be challenging emotionally and on a practical level. The pain and distress of grief is often misunderstood by those around us, adding to our sense of uncertainty at a vulnerable time in our life. Peer support can help you cope. Just having an understanding ear can be crucial. Our safe, confidential support groups are composed of caring people who are grieving a similar loss. Our members benefit from the collective wisdom and empathy of others who are traveling a similar path. 


All groups are facilitated by trained volunteers and provided at no charge.

Participants must be at least 21 years old and residents of Montgomery County, Maryland.


All Adult Bereavement Support groups are tailored to the specific loss.


New groups are formed as community needs arise.


For information and grief support resources, please email  jimr@caringmatters.orgFor information about joining one of our Montgomery County support groups, call Jim Rossi, 301-990-0854.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID-19, all of CaringMatters' Adult Bereavement Support groups are meeting online on Zoom until further notice. 




Spousal/Partner Loss - All Ages  (multiple groups)


Spousal/Partner Loss - Leisure World Residents


Suicide Loss


Parent Loss (multiple groups)


Mixed Losses (multiple groups)


Adult Child Loss (multiple groups)


Loss from Covid-19

For general 

infomation & resources, 

please email

Jim Rossi, Director

Adult Bereavement Services 


For information about joining a support group, please call

Jim Rossi, 301-990-0854

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"When it seemed that my whole world was collapsing with the death of my wife of 23 years, it was the warmth and kindness of a (CaringMatters) volunteer that made the difference. I was seen, heard and supported from the first moment of her visit. It is that experience that encouraged me later to seek help from them in my grief, and afterward, to join the organization as a volunteer." 


- Client/Volunteer