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The Pam Hard Legacy Circle

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We are proud to launch a special planned giving initiative, the Pam Hard Legacy Circle. Named after Pam Hard, a dedicated CaringMatters supporter, a loyal volunteer and dear friend who passed away in October 2020, this initiative will help sustain our compassionate support programs into the future for generations to come.

Pam was at the heart of this organization for many, many years. Her legacy of compassion and love will always inspire us to do more, reach farther and be our best.

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Planned Giving—the Gift Everyone Can Afford

A planned gift is any major donation you make during your lifetime or upon your death to charities that share your values and speak to your heart—like CaringMatters. Planned giving empowers you to make larger donations than you normally might make. You can leave a lasting legacy at CaringMatters without affecting your current financial security.


With planned giving, you can maximize your gift while minimizing your income and estate taxes. CaringMatters benefits from your planned gift as we can better plan for our longtime sustainability as we serve our community members who are terminally ill and grieving the loss of a loved one.


What Can Be Donated Through Planned Giving?

Our donors’ gifts are as varied as the individuals who choose to give them. Donors can be young adults or more senior; wealthy or of more modest means. 

Types of gifts include:

  • Cash

  • Appreciated securities/stock

  • Life Insurance policy

  • IRA, 401K or other qualifed Retirement Plan

  • Partnership Interests

  • Personal Property

  • Real Estate, including Retained Life Estate​

  • Art, Jewelry and Collectibles


How Do I Become a Member of the Pam Hard Legacy Circle? 

  • To become part of the Pam Hard Legacy Circle, simply share that you have included CaringMatters in your estate plans and that you would like to join the Circle.  There is no minimum and you can change your plans at any time.  

  • Legacy Circle funds will be board-restricted, generally invested and used to generate annual income for the agency's programs and services. Once you notify CaringMatters that you would like to make a gift and become a member, you will be included on a list on the website (website listing is optional) and start receiving invitations to exclusive events to engage with the CaringMatters community and stay informed about our evolution and strategic growth.

  • New members will be asked to complete a brief form to return at their convenience.  

How Do I Arrange for my Gift?

The type of gift and whether the gift is during your lifetime or as part of your estate dictate the steps you need to take. To make the soundest decisions possible for you, your family and CaringMatters, we recommend speaking with a certified financial planner or estate planning specialist. If you or your financial advisor would like to discuss planned giving with us, please contact Allison Stearns at 301-869-4673 or by email at


If you’d like to plan a legacy gift for CaringMatters, please complete this form

and return to: Allison Stearns, CaringMatters, 
518 S. Frederick Ave., Gaithersburg,MD 20877
or via email at

The Pam Hard Legacy Circle Members

Vivian & Raymond Bass
Debra Berner
Sandra & Pete Bracken
Marsha & Kenneth Braunstein

Lisa & Sean Creamer
Dominique Duong & Peter Wong
Penny & Jim Gladhill
Steve & Jane Halpin
William Hard

Sara & Jim Harris
JC Hayward
The Honorable Cheryl Kagan

The Krewson Family
Audrey Rothstein & Frank Lipson
Sam & Jody Lish
Colleen & Ron Luzie
Kathleen McCallum
Lisa McKillop
Joan & Ken Miller

Toni Robinson
Anu Sharman

The Honorable Jeffrey Z. Slavin
Allison & Eric Stearns
Tori & Matt Tomlinson

Stephen & Lucy Yee

Making An Impact

"The Pam Hard Legacy Circle is an opportunity for supporters like you and me to ensure that our own legacies endure in a way that reflects our values and supports those causes we care about well into the future. We can all use the resources in our estates to support organizations and causes we care deeply about, like CaringMatters, while still taking care of our families and loved ones. My husband, Matt, and I have already included CaringMatters in our estate planning to make sure that this special organization receives our support for a long time to come."  


– Tori Tomlinson, CaringMatters Development Committee Chair

   Founding Member, The Pam Hard Legacy Circle

Tori headshot.jpg

“The loss of a loved one can never be erased, yet for more than 30 years, CaringMatters has extended a helping hand to families in need. Showing compassion, sensitivity, concern, and understanding, their kindness and humanity are needed in times of grief. I’m hoping my contribution will ensure their existence for many years to come.”

- Dr. JC Hayward, Founding Member, The Pam Hard Legacy Circle

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