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Community Education

Our Community Education programs facilitate constructive conversations in the community about serious illness, caregiving challenges, end-of-life and grief. 

CaringMatters strives to develop community knowledge and skills around serious illness, caregiving challenges, end-of-life and grief-related topics that can be applied to daily life. Our meaningful educational events and discussions help build a caring and compassionate community.

For information on Community Education, please contact

Leigh Bluestein, or 301-990-7927

Thank you to our Community Education funding partner

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Recent Webinar

Seniors and Social Isolation
Friday, March 24, 2023

Presenter: Anna Maria Izquierdo-Porrera, MD, PhD

This webinar discusses the important topic of Seniors and social isolation.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, loneliness and social isolation in older adults are serious public health risks affecting a significant number of people in the United States and putting them at risk for dementia and other serious medical conditions. During this webinar, we will explore the following questions: 

  • What does social isolation mean?

  • Why does social isolation occur in old age?

  • What are the consequences of social isolation?

  • How do we reduce social isolation?

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Anna Maria Izquierdo-Porrera, MD, PhD

Anna Maria Izquierdo-Porrera, MD, PhD, a member of the CaringMatters Board of Trustees, is the co-founder and has served as Executive Director of Care for Your Health since 2008. She is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics and focuses on serving multicultural communities, with special emphasis on delivering high quality, patient-centered care to vulnerable, underinsured and elderly patients. She collaborates with Palliative Medicine Consultants and Montgomery Hospice, is an active Member of the Steering Committee of the Latino Health Initiative of Montgomery County and is a member of the Voice Your Choice steering committee.  Among others, Dr Izquierdo-Porrera has received the following awards: Bridges to Excellence: Physician Office Systems Recognition Program 2018; NBC4 Honors for Living the Spirit of Working 4 You in the Community 2016; Blue Ribbon Award. Center for Health Equity and Wellness 2014; and Montgomery’s Best Honorable Mention Diversity Award 2007.

Past Community Education Presentations Include:

  • Webinar - Suffocated Grief and Black Youth Coping with Loss

  • Webinar - How to Support Grieving People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

  • Webinar - Caregiver Stress in Asian American Communities

  • Webinar - Providing Inclusive and Affirming Care for the LGBTQ+ Community

  • Webinar - Caring for the Caregiver

  • Webinar - The End-of-Life Doulas: A Collaborative Approach to End-of-Life Care

  • Webinar - Grief Support for the Black Community: Understanding the Culture of Trauma and Developing an Empathy-Driven Mindset

  • Webinar: Grief: Support for Yourself and Those You Care About

  • Webinar - Grief in the Workplace: Guidance for Employees and Employers

  • Webinar - ​Voice Your Choice: Preparing for Health Care Emergencies

  • Webinar - Speaking Grief Film Discussion

  • Webinar - LGBTQ+ Seriously Ill Seniors: Opportunities for Better Care

  • Webinar - Grief and Self-Care in the Time of COVID-19

  • Webinar - Supporting Grieving Students After a Death: How We Can Help Them Build Resilience in a Time of Physical Distancing

  • Navigating Transitions for Your Loved One's Care

  • Nine To Ninety Film Screening & Discussion

  • Caregivers' Toolkit: Community Resources for Patients & Families Facing Serious Illness

  • Voices of Grief Film Screening & Discussion

  • Managing Grief in the Age of 24-Hour News & Social Media

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