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Community Workshops

Our Community Workshops are available as a public service to facilitate conversations in the community around crucial end-of-life and grief issues we all face at some point in our lives.

Community Workshops

CaringMatters' staff and affiliated experts are available to provide free community workshops as a public service to groups who want to learn more about various aspects of end-of-life care, grief, advance care planning and many other related issues.  Staff and affiliated experts can address churches, schools, businesses, and civic organizations.  This service is part of the organization’s effort to facilitate dialogue and educate the community about end-of-life issues that everyone must face at some point in their lives.

For information or to request a free community workshop or speaker, please contact

Leigh Bluestein, or 301-990-7927

We can customize the session and content to meet the needs of a particular group or event. Examples of session topics include:

  • Caring for the Caregiver

  • Courageous Conversations

  • Suicide Loss and Community Healing

  • It's Too Soon, Until It's Too Late: Advance Care Planning

  • Understanding Dementia-Related Behavior

  • Children's Grief Perspectives

  • Grief Support for Adults and Families 

Film Screenings with Moderated Discussions

CaringMatters is proud to offer screenings of several acclaimed documentary films, followed by a discussion moderated by one of our staff members.  

Voices of Grief

This award-winning documentary film shares a fresh perspective on the many ways we navigate successfully through grief or companion others along their journey. Wisdom from contemporary authors, grief experts and spiritual teachers is woven through personal stories of loss to explore the roles of community, compassion and connection in this sacred journey. The film features nationally renowned authors including Harold Kushner and Marianne Williamson. View the trailer.


Nine to Ninety
Nine to Ninety is the love story of Phyllis and Joe Sabatini, who at age 89 and 90 live in the home of their daughter and son-in-law, where they relish time with their young granddaughter. As the family struggles to make ends meet and the grandparents’ health problems escalate, Phyllis becomes determined to free her daughter from the burden of caring for everyone from nine to ninety. When Phyllis makes a difficult decision to move 3,000 miles away to live with their other daughter, she facing parting with Joe, her husband of 62 years. While Joe has become resigned to his ailments, Phyllis yearns to live with agency and independence even with limited resources, and the couple’s surprising choices ignite bigger conversations about how to age with dignity. View the trailer.


Being Mortal

The PBS FRONTLINE film, Being Mortal, is based on the best-selling book by Atul Gawande, MD. This documentary explores the hopes of patients and families facing terminal illness and their relationships with the physicians who treat them. This film has cultivated a national conversation, bringing medical professionals and community members together around the shared responsibility of discussing what matters most to patients and families facing difficult treatment decisions and how to have these conversations ahead of a medical crisis. View the trailer.

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