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Resources for Schools

For more information, contact
Gilly Cannon, Director of Children's Bereavement Services, or 301-990-8904

Online Resources

A Guide To Supporting Your Grieving Student: Questions to Ask,
Comments to Avoid (click to download)

Baylor University

CaringMatters & The University of Maryland

Child Bereavement UK

Coalition to Support Grieving Students

The Dougy Center

National Center for School Crisis and Bereavement

The Eluna Network

New York Life Foundation - Bereavement Resources

What's Your Grief: Providing Remote Grief Support to Students and School Communities

Winston's Wish

MCPS Waymaking - Grief and Loss

February 26, 2021

featuring Gilly Cannon, Director of Children's Bereavement Services

Gilly Bayes Cannon, our Director of Children's Bereavement Services, joined Dr. Christina Connolly, Montgomery County Public Schools' (MCPS) Director of Psychological Services, on the latest episode of the MCPS Waymaking series, to discuss how families can better understand feelings of loss and provide ways to support a grieving child.

CaringMatters Webinar

Supporting Grieving Students After a Death:

How We Can Help Them Build Resilience in a Time of Physical Distancing


A Hands-On Experience for School Personnel, Social Services Professionals from Community-based Organizations, and Allied Mental Health Professionals 

Presented by Gilly Cannon, Director of Children's Bereavement

May 20, 2020

This webinar offers a hands-on, resilience-building activity to use with students in-person or through Zoom. Learn how this type of interactivity can help students identify coping tools to support them through their grief.

Who should view: School Counselors, Teachers, Social Services Professionals from community-based organizations, and Allied Mental Health Professionals.

Participants will learn:

  • How children and teens grieve

  • How we can support grieving students after a death

  • How our ability to be effective in providing support has been impacted by physical distancing due to COVID-19

  • How we can help them build resilience after a death

  • A hands-on tool to encourage resilience building

This webinar is based on a presentation delivered by Gilly Cannon at

the School Community United in Partnership (SCUP) Conference in October, 2019.

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