Bereaved Caregivers Retreat

Due to the pandemic, we will not be holding an in-person retreat for bereaved caregivers this fall. 
Alternatively, we are offering a virtual workshop series, free of charge, on
Friday, October 8 - Sunday, October 10, 2021.  Click 
HERE for details.

 When Caregiving Ends ... What's Next?


A Special Weekend, Overnight Retreat to Renew, Refresh, and Rebuild

 Our Bereaved Caregivers Retreat is a special program for family/friend primary caregivers whose loved one has died within the past 2 years.

The Claggett Center, Adamstown, Maryland

One of the greatest gifts we can give to a loved one is giving up a part of our life and caring for them during an illness. One of the most painful experiences is the loss of our loved one and the end of our role as caregiver.


Our Bereaved Caregivers Retreat, started in 2017, is a unique, overnight retreat for persons who have been primary caregivers for a loved one who has died within the past two years. Participants are required to be residents of Montgomery County, Maryland, and over 21 years of age. The retreat activities focus on both the impact of losing a loved one and losing the role of a primary caregiver. Attendees follow a trajectory that acknowledges loss and grief and identifies personal change opportunities, while focusing on self-care and healing, re-framing life with loss, and rediscovering oneself.


Participants will:

  • Connect with other former caregivers who "get it" and have "walked in your shoes"

  • Practice self-care and relaxation

  • Share your caregiving experience 

  • Commemorate your loved one

  • Refocus your life now that your caregiving role has ended

  • Enjoy renewal activities, communal meals, and camaraderie 

  • Develop coping skills and resiliency

  • Identify and explore opportunities for personal change and self-care

  • Make progress in the healing process

For further information, please email Jim Rossi,, and include your phone number and the times you can be reached by phone.

Personal Reflections from Former Retreat Attendees

  • I think learning about people's past experiences and feelings has made me realize that what I have been going through is part of the process of healing, and we are all struggling to get to a more peaceful place.

  • Calmer, I can look back on happier times instead of dwelling on my loss. This weekend, I found ways of going forward.

  • I found freedom in my spirit. I have an eagle spirit - I'm going to fly again.

  • The weekend, meeting all of the attendees and experiencing all of the activities have inspired me to make life changes.

  • I have been more open, and even joyful at times. I have been relaxed in sharing my feelings.

  • This retreat put me in touch with my sense of loss, and a sense of hope and opportunity.

AARP wrote about our first Bereaved Caregivers Retreat in 2017. Read the article here.


Thank you to our founding sponsors,

Colleen & Ron Luzier


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Thank you to the Montgomery County Council and its talented film crew for featuring our 2018 Bereaved Caregivers Retreat in their latest video and telling the story of this important program.

2019 Bereaved Caregivers Retreat

2018 Bereaved Caregivers Retreat