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The Whole You Featured on Engage@Home YouTube Channel

Eva Cowen, CaringMatters' Community Resource Specialist with The Whole Program, was the guest on the latest episode of Engage@Home, the YouTube Channel of the Montgomery County Caregiver Support Program. Lylie Fisher, the host, talked with Eva about this new program - a partnership between CaringMatters and The Aquilino Cancer Center, funded by a grant from the Healthcare Initiative Foundation.

Eva Cowen

Lylie Fisher

They spoke about how the partnership has been working through these challenging times to help support the patients newly-diagnosed with cancer and their families connect with community resources. The pandemic has brought in additional complicating factors for cancer patients and families, such as social isolation and the loss of jobs and health insurance. This innovative partnership, which includes CaringMatters volunteers, has been addressing many of these issues to ensure people receive support to help ease the cancer journey.

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