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Honoring Jamie Phannavong

We are devastated and heavy-hearted to share that Jamie Phannavong, our amazing Chief Financial Officer, recently passed away after experiencing an unexpected catastrophic health incident. Jamie served CaringMatters for 21 years and along with Penny Gladhill, our founder, had been the institutional memory and heart of our operations. Her skilled guidance and practical approach to everything from financial management, accountability, governance, transparency and strategic planning helped the organization grow and evolve in critical ways. As a result, the organization has been able to meet the challenges of the pandemic and continue serving the community through times of complicated illness and unprecedented grief. Jamie touched so many of us in profound ways during her time with CaringMatters. Her loyal friendships, her deep professional expertise, and her unwavering dedication to the CaringMatters mission are only a few of the ways she will be remembered. Thank you to our community for your steadfast and compassionate support as we grieve the loss of a dear friend and cherished colleague. We pledge to honor Jamie’s memory through our work and uphold her legacy of devoted service to the community.
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