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Good Grief Club Study Published

We are thrilled to announce that an article, “I’m Not Alone”: A Group Intervention for Grieving Children," detailing a study of CaringMatters' Good Grief Clubs was published by SAGE Publishing in the Journal of Prevention and Health Promotion. Karen M. O’Brien and Erin Hill of the University of Maryland, Department of Psychology, collaborated with CaringMatters staff members, Gilly Cannon, Director of Children's Bereavement Services; Allison Stearns, Chief Executive Officer; Carol Walsh, Grants Specialist, to produce this significant research study of important interventions established through community partnerships that serve to prevent negative outcomes associated with unattended grief in childhood. The key finding of the research was that school-based grief groups are an effective way for grieving youth to learn coping skills.

Congratulations to this dedicated group of professionals on this stellar accomplishment that shines a bright light on the importance and impact of grief support for children and teens.

Read the complete accepted version of the research manuscript HERE.

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