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"Five Deep Breaths"

We are proud to recognize the hard work and innovative spirit of our staff and members our CaringMatters community, who are affiliated with the University of Maryland, for their advancement of resources in the field of children's bereavement support services.

Erin M. Hill, Karen M. O’Brien, Gilly Cannon, Allison Stearns, Carol Walsh, Shereen Ashai, Madelyn Harris, & Karoline Trovato collaborated on a study of CaringMatters' Good Grief Clubs resulting in findings presented in a poster session at a recent conference of the Association of Death Education & Counseling - The Thanatology Association. Entitled "“Five Deep Breaths” Helping Children Learn to Cope with Grief," the key finding of the research was that school-based grief groups are an effective way for grieving youth to learn coping skills. The research presents the REST framework to help educators and counselors equip grieving children with a coping toolkit.

R Remember Them

E Engage in Activities

S Seek Support

T Take Care of Yourself

Erin M. Hill is the author of REST acronym. View the conference poster presentation HERE.

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