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Allison Henderson's Inspiring Story

At CaringMatters, we have the privilege of meeting and working with special people who inspire us with their grace and positivity. Allison Henderson is the one of those people who embodies these qualities in every way.

As a CaringMatters Board member, Allison raised awareness in the community about the need for compassionate support during times of illness, loss and grief. She had no idea that CaringMatters’ mission would become more relevant than she could ever imagine. At age 58, Allison was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. As she receives treatment for her disease, she clearly sees the value and the necessity of non-medical social support, such as the services of CaringMatters’ Volunteer Helping Hands program.

This beautiful video, produced by County Cable Montgomery, gives voice to her story and her amazing spirit in the face of serious illness. Many of CaringMatters' guiding principles, such as being present, planning for end-of-life and removing the stigma surrounding death and dying, are reflected in her remarkable story and reinforced by her touching words.

We are so proud that she is a part of our CaringMatters family!

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