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Silver Linings Gala

October 26, 2024

Jerry Gimmel Loyalty Award

Penny Gladhill


As one of the founders of CaringMatters (founded as Hospice Caring in 1989), Penny Gladhill’s spirit, energy and passion are present and felt in every program. Over the past 35 years, she has served in nearly every role – volunteer, board member and staff – across all the organization’s programs. Currently serving as CaringMatters’ Director of Volunteer Helping Hands, Penny’s deep understanding of the human spirit, together with her knowledge of Montgomery County, allows her to provide empathy and guidance to individuals and families in need of support during times of serious illness or near the end of life.


In the CaringMatters community, Penny is known as the “resident angel” for her sweet nature and her ability to connect and unite people. With every phone call, meeting, handshake, and hug, Penny demonstrates her dedication and compassion, helping build a community based on kindness, friendship, and service.


“Since day one, Penny has been the heart, soul, and rock of this organization,” said CaringMatters CEO, Allison Stearns. “Her intuition and ability to connect people – volunteers to clients, and volunteers to programs – optimizes their experience with CaringMatters and it is a joy to witness.”


CaringMatters has grown into a treasured and respected member of the county’s nonprofit community, due in large part to Penny’s unwavering devotion and her deeply held belief in the power of compassionate support. She has stayed loyal to the mission she envisioned in that first living room board meeting all those years ago: no one should die alone or grieve without support. Our community will continue to benefit from her vision and loyalty for years to come.

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