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Identifying and Supporting Grieving Students' Return to School in 2021

Webinar prepared for MCPS Counselors

Thursday, August 19, 2021


Gilly Cannon

Director of Children's Bereavement Services


Jessie Dorin

Trauma-Informed Specialist

& High School Classroom Teacher


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Resources and References

BOOKS mentioned or pictured on the PowerPoint:


  • Tear Soup By Pat Schweibert

  • Missing Mommy By Rebecca Cobb

  • I Have a Question About Death By Arlen Gaines & Meredith Englander Polsky

  • Straight Talk About Death for Teens By Earl Grollman

  • Dancing at The Pity Party; A dead mom graphic memoir  By Tyler Feder


Childhood Bereavement Estimation Model for Maryland - Judi’s House


A link to the free lesson plan for My Quarantine House/ My COVID Year (and a half)


A Guide To Supporting Your Grieving Student: Questions to ask, Comments to Avoid (click to download)

A podcast featuring Dr. Tashel Bordere speaking about Black youth and suffocated grief: 


Some of the presentation was adapted from this article, just released by The Coalition to Support Grieving Students - Back to school 2021: Grieving Students, Transitions and COVID-19


More information about supporting grieving students can be found at

www.Grievingstudents.org and our web pages https://www.caringmatters.org/resourcesforschools


For information about any of our programs or for a consultation about a grieving student or family, please contact Gilly Cannon, gillyc@caringmatters.org