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Michelle Freeman Remarks

CaringMatters was honored to host some of our most treasured supporters at a breakfast event on November 17, 2022, with featured speaker, Michelle Freeman, owner and CEO of the Carl M. Freeman Companies and President and Chairman of the Carl M. Freeman Foundation and Founding Chair of the Joshua M. Freeman Foundation, who shared her thoughts about the role of philanthropy in our community.


"In the times we serve others, the secret really is that we receive more than anything. That is the secret of philanthropy," said Ms. Freeman, a long-time, dedicated and generous supporter of CaringMatters. "There's a place where giving and serving changes your soul," she continued.

"I think the fact that you all stand with people in their darkest time, in their scariest time, in their most vulnerable, is extraordinary," Ms. Freeman said of the CaringMatters community.


View her full remarks below. 

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