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Erin Griffin
Social Work Intern

Erin cm circle.png

Erin joined the CaringMatters team in the Fall of 2023 as a social work intern from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. She was drawn to social work as a child watching the dementia care team at Sunrise of Rockville work with her Grandmother, Helen. "To watch them not only help her with the day-to-day concerns but also be her friend and support her emotional needs was just so touching. The overwhelmingly positive impact they had on my family ultimately led me to social work." 


Erin is working with Amy Fier, LCSW-C, Senior Director of Patient and Caregiver Services in The Whole You Program at the Aquilino Cancer Center connecting adult patients with community resources. 


"CaringMatters is such an inspiring place full of volunteers who put in time and care in for the community around them. It is wonderful to see just how much community support there is for cancer patients and all for free. There is really no place like it." 

Contact Erin at or 301-869-4673

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