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Denese Scott

Children's Bereavement Program Assistant

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Denese joined CaringMatters in 2020 as the Children’s Bereavement Program Assistant. Her path to joining the staff started as a volunteer. When Denese first came to CaringMatters for the 3-day volunteer training, she was caregiving her mother who had a physical handicap and was also suffering from dementia. She found the training and the organization so inspirational that she wanted to become involved with CaringMatters from that moment forward. Shortly thereafter, she completed subsequent trainings for the Good Grief Club and Adult Bereavement Support.


After the death of her mother in 2018, Denese participated in CaringMatters’ annual Bereaved Caregivers Retreat, an experience she describes as “life changing.” Ever since attending the retreat, she has been an active volunteer at CaringMatters, continually increasing her volunteer hours to include Children’s Bereavement, Camp Erin, administrative support and special projects, as well as co-facilitating Adult Bereavement Support Groups.


Prior to joining CaringMatters, Denese was self-employed as a certified wholistic health practitioner for 20 years. Previously she worked in the field of journalism for 14 years, specifically in advertising and production, before making a mid-life career change to the healthcare arena.

Contact Denese at, 301-869-4673, ext. 109.

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