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Complementary Services


Promoting a client’s well-being is a top priority for CaringMatters. Our team of volunteers includes experienced practitioners who can bring a variety of complementary services to clients.

With the COVID-19 requirements of staying home and physical distancing, our in-person services paused andswitched focus to support clients through telephone, email and texting. Some measures of practical support without face-to-face interaction have resumed, including grocery shopping and meal pick up and delivery.

For more information, contact

Penny Gladhill

301-990-0852 or

Our complementary services include:



Essential oils and light touch offer relief and relaxation.



Mindful breathing patterns and body dynamics may help
patients release muscle tension that contributes to pain.


Pet Therapy

Dogs are brought to the patient’s home for them to enjoy and touch, which may increase their mental stimulation, create laughter and improve quality of life.



Reiki is a gentle touch technique that reduces stress through the practitioner’s hand placement and can result in relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well-being.

"CaringMatters shows me that there are people who care and their love is unconditional. It’s more than a job to them. It’s personal and I’m so grateful.” 


- Volunteer Helping Hands client

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