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The Whole You

Community Resource Connection

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The Whole You, a program in partnership with
Adventist Healthcare Shady Grove Aquilino Cancer Center and White Oak Cancer Center, works with adults being treated for cancer or other blood disorders and their families, by providing assistance, free of charge, accessing social support services and other community resources.

A cancer or blood disorder diagnosis can be shocking and overwhelming, making it difficult to navigate other aspects of "normal" life while trying to understand options and move forward with treatment.  CaringMatters is proud to partner with The Adventist Healthcare Shady Grove Aquilino Cancer Center and the White Oak Cancer Center to support those facing these serious illnesses and their families by helping meet needs that are outside the realm of prescribed medical treatments.


The Whole You program aims to alleviate some of the burdens of a cancer diagnosis by helping patients and their families find low-cost and free services to make life a little easier while undergoing treatment. The overall goal is to help individuals improve quality of life and maintain the highest possible ability to function within the community throughout medical treatment and beyond. 

Social supports and other resources include, but are not limited to:

  • Support groups for people with cancer

  • Caregiver Support Groups

  • Companionship/friendly visitors 

  • Respite Care/Family Vacations

  • Transportation

  • Bathing Services

  • Small grants to help with non-medical needs

  • Food

  • Housing

  • Clothing

  • Childcare Support

  • Pet care

  • Spa Services, including in-home massage

  • Wigs

  • Housekeeping Support

For more information, contact

Amy Fier, Senior Director of Patient and Caregiver Services

301-869-4673 or

"We had some very different challenges - non-medical - my elderly mom did not have internet or a smartphone and was living alone. She needed help with meals. CaringMatters' staff went out of their way and thought out of the box during the holidays. They took the time to help my mom during Thanksgiving when they should've been with their families." 

- The Whole You Client Family Member

"I'm still learning, trying to figure out everything, and sometimes it can get a little overwhelming. But with CaringMatters help everything is a little easier."

- The Whole You Client

The Paula Marcus Neal Story

Paula Marcus Neal passed away on May 23, 2023. We extend our deepest sympathies to her family and friends as they grieve this painful loss.  We are grateful to Paula and her husband, Michael, for sharing their story with us.

Engage@Home, the YouTube Channel of the Montgomery County Caregiver Support Program featured The Whole Program.

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The Shady Grove Adventist Aquilino Cancer Center is the first community-based, free-standing, comprehensive cancer center in Montgomery County. Multidisciplinary cancer care team members work together in this one facility.


The state-of-the-art White Oak Cancer Center in Silver Spring provides expert cancer care from caring, compassionate physicians, nurses and other healthcare practitioners. 


CaringMatters' Community Resource Specialist, Marie Daly, works directly with patients and families at both the Shady Grove Aquilino Cancer Center in Rockville and White Oak Cancer Center in Silver Spring.  Through in-home or office intakes, she assesses patient needs and makes the appropriate referrals.

The Whole You is funded in part by the Healthcare Initiative Foundation.

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