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Bereaved Caregivers Virutal Workshop Series

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 Our Bereaved Caregivers Virtual Workshop Series is a special, no cost, virtual weekend workshop for former full-time caregivers whose loved one died within the past 18 months.

At the 2021 Silver Linings Virtual Celebration, Betsy Young, who participated in the Bereaved Caregivers Virtual Workshop, shares her story and her impactful experience with the workshop. 

One of the greatest gifts we can give to a loved one is giving up a part of our life and caring for them during an illness. One of the most painful experiences is the loss of our loved one and the end of our role as a  caregiver.


CaringMatters is hosting a weekend virtual workshop for former full-time caregivers for a loved one who has died within the past 18 months so that they can connect with other former caregivers, share their stories, and begin to rebuild their identities.



  • Former Primary Caregiver whose loved one
    has died within the past 18 months

  • At least 21 years old

  • Resident of Montgomery County, MD

  • Able to use Zoom

Participants will:

  • Connect with others to share experiences and grief

  • Practice self-care and relaxation

  • Commemorate their loved one with gratitude

  • Refocus their life now that the caregiving role has ended


There is no charge for this program.  All program supplies
(and a few additional fun surprises!) will be delivered to your home in advance.


Closed captioning will be available for this online workshop. Please let us know what other accommodations you need in order to fully participate in this event by contacting Leigh Bluestein at

For more information, email 
Jim Rossi, Director of Adult Bereavement Services,

Please include your phone number and the best time to reach you.

Personal Reflections from Previous Workshop Attendees:

"Calmer, I can look back on happier times instead of dwelling on my loss.  This weekend I found ways of going forward."

"The emphasis on unique pain of caregivers is important and helpful. Creating a calm reflective atmosphere, especially on a Zoom call, was excellent and provided a safe, secure and uplifting group dynamic."

"The caring and compassionate environment allowed me to feel safe enough to do work that I have been avoiding for a year and a half.  The pace of the activities was wonderful and allowed us to be open with each other."

"I feel much less confused. I feel less helpless. I feel less inclined to ignore my own needs."

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