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Silver Linings Gala

October 26, 2024

Community Impact Award

Vivian & Ray Bass

Bass CM circle (1).png

Vivian and Ray Bass epitomize the “power couple.” Separately, they each have impressive resumes, but together their impact is undeniable. Vivian is a respected and beloved nonprofit executive whose career focused on inclusivity and compassion. She has served in staff and volunteer leadership positions for multiple organizations at local, national, and international levels.  After retirement, Vivian found CaringMatters “was a perfect fit: an inclusive, collaborative environment focused on the human spirit and support for families.” Vivian had an immediate impact as a leader on the Board and in the areas of strategic planning, governance, and fundraising. She attends nearly every CaringMatters event and proudly represents the organization throughout the community.


Ray, a nephrologist, is a prominent member of the medical community who believes that caring for people is a “team sport.”  He understands firsthand how important support services are when people are facing serious illness and loss.  His patients find solace not just in his medical care but in his reassuring presence and genuine concern for their well-being, which often includes referrals to community resources, such as CaringMatters.

Vivian and Ray are incredibly generous with their time, talents, and resources. They have hosted events celebrating CaringMatters’ board members, trustees, and staff, and the launch of the Pam Hard Legacy Circle. Together, they exemplify the power of partnership in service. Rooted in a shared belief in the transformative power of empathy and community support, Vivian and Ray are an inspiration to all. Their commitment to CaringMatters has been pivotal in helping the organization expand its reach into the community. According to Vivian, we must always remember that “each of us holds the power to make a difference — one act of kindness, one moment of compassion at a time.”

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