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Silver Linings Gala

October 7, 2023

CaringMatters 2023
Jerry Gimmel Loyalty Award

Audrey Rothstein


In a world where commitment is often fleeting, where priorities shift and loyalties waiver, Audrey Rothstein’s presence and service to CaringMatters exemplify steadfast dedication. Audrey’s personal and professional experience enabled her to hit the ground running when she joined the CaringMatters community in 2015. She brought with her the professional experience of 25 years in association and nonprofit management. She also brought many years of experience in the field of children’s bereavement, directing and volunteering for children’s grief camps. Audrey’s personal experience of raising three young children, including two whose birth mother had died, also helped inform her understanding of the need for bereavement services for all ages. After taking our volunteer training, her involvement with CaringMatters deepened and extended to all corners of the organization: providing one-on-one care to a long-time client who had ALS; participating in our specialized training programs; photographing our campers. Audrey joined our Board leadership in 2015 and was elected Chair in 2019.   


Audrey is a strong and dynamic leader. Her authenticity and integrity are her hallmarks. She supports and nurtures both staff and fellow Board members, while actively driving change and embracing innovation. “Audrey is so generous with her time, talent and treasure,” observed Allison Stearns, CEO of CaringMatters. “Her vision of service to CaringMatters means she is willing to do whatever needs to be done to make the organization the very best it can be.” For being an inspirational and visionary champion for CaringMatters, we proudly present Audrey Rothstein with the 2023 Jerry Gimmel Loyalty Award. 

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