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Dr. Aditi Menon-Broker
Clinical Director, Camp Erin


Aditi Menon-Broker currently serves as the Clinical Director of Camp Erin. Previously, she joined CaringMatters in 2020 as a counselor-in-training, dedicated to working across the human lifespan, building stronger families, closer relationships and happier individuals. Dr. Menon-Broker brings a unique multi-cultural perspective to her work, driven by a lifetime of living and working internationally in 15 countries as well as across the United States, allowing her the ability to understand multi-generational and multi-economic cultural context and challenges. Aditi’s focus lies in advancing care through compassion, human connection, storytelling, deep listening, research and innovative uses of written and visual media for therapy.


With degrees in Psychology, Counseling, Mass Communication and a doctorate in Cinema Studies from Northwestern University, Aditi has worked in human rights, childhood education, and children’s media. She has founded and managed an ESOL academic literacy program for lower-income students/families, and founded and run a children’s magazine. In addition, she has previously volunteered in hospice care with Montgomery Hospice. 

Contact Aditi at or 301-869-4673

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