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Marie Daly
Community Resource Specialist, The Whole You


In 2021, Marie was named as the Community Resource Specialist for The Whole You program. In her position, she works one-on-one with adult patients at The Shady Grove Aquilino Cancer Center newly diagnosed with cancer and other blood disorders and their families, providing assistance accessing community resources.


Prior to working with the Whole You program, Marie was a volunteer and then joined the staff as the Manager of the Volunteer Helping Hands program, connecting CaringMatters' clients and their families facing serious illness and end-of-life with non-medical social and emotional support through our network of trained volunteers.


Marie was drawn into work related to illness, death and profound loss by her own life experiences. When she was 19 years old, her older brother died suddenly. She faced her grief and in the process learned so much about life. Years later, working as a high school teacher, she found herself at the bedside of one her students, staying by his side as he died of cystic fibrosis. After that experience, she realized she had no fear of death and completely understood the sacredness of the process.


“I’ve never met a stranger because I can connect with anyone,” said Marie. “The connections I make are strong because I don’t try to fix people. I let them talk and I listen deeply. When my client is facing serious illness or end-of-life, I help them keep their dignity and work with them and their family to solve problems and overcome obstacles.”


“I honestly believe that everything, including illness, death and grief, is a journey. It’s not the roadblocks that are important – it’s the journey. I embrace and cherish my role as a companion on that journey”


Marie earned her B.S. in English/journalism and her M.A. in English from The Bread Loaf School of English.


Contact Marie at, 301-869-4673, ext. 118 or 301-850-4506 (direct).

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