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Brendan O'Connell
AmeriCorps Member/Volunteer Maryland


Brendan started his year of service as CaringMatters' AmeriCorps Member through Volunteer Maryland in September 2023. His work will focus on volunteer recruitment and training. Brendan was already a member of the CaringMatters family when he joined as the Development Associate/Social Work Intern starting in the Fall 2022. Brendan is pursuing his BSW from The University of Maryland Baltimore County. He was drawn to Social Work while working at Potomac Pathways, an outpatient rehab for adolescents struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. “Seeing the social workers support and advocate for their clients and their positive impact on their lives is what led me to Social Work.”  

“Seeing CaringMatters in action firsthand and its ripple effect in the community is remarkable. I am grateful to be a part of the CaringMatters family.”


Contact Brendan O’Connell at, 301-869-4673, ext 106 or 301-990-0085 (direct)

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